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Friday, September 10, 2010

Appreciate your parents or someones around you.

See it ? Is it this man*As a call,grandparents* looks poor? *Sounds like grief*

My hearts was very sad after I saw this picture from Facebook. I was thinking about what happened to his son that not taking good care of his papa ! * Heartless son/daughter *
Ya, I do not know this grandparents very well or he's just an unknown for me and everyone. If i were there I would give a hand to this grandparents coz he's really pity or maybe this is my own problems. I couldn't stand my anger when I see this situation no matter where I went.

My mind always pop-up and asked myself, " What his son/daughter doing?"
"Why they left them alone like this?"
Replied myself,"Maybe I'm the types of soft heart human beings that why I luv my grandpa&grandma" As a child,we should always concerned with our grandparents because they're getting old and show em' how much we ♥ them.

In old age we are like a batch of letters that someone has sent.We are no longer in the passing,we have arrived.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sorry :-(

Excuse me, I know I should updated often but due to I don't have enough time plus I'm sixform student sure a piles of homework are waiting for me :( sobsob*

I had to keep my blogs awhile. Will miss you guys and my reader and do remember me kay Byee!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Bottle of Blood

It's 130am morning,why I still blogging ?
I never knew that everything will happen it suddenly in a day or maybe it's a fact !
But I couldn't accept this fact because it too sudden for me !

After I knew what she did behind me,I felt ... "I don't know what I can say about her"
Anyway, this are what I want to tell you through my hearts ..

Thanks to God,was giving me this chance aware about what is BFF means to me.You're making my hearts broken into million pieces ! Do you know that ?! I stressed that you could be my BFF again but you're not willing to appreciate our friendship. Unfortunately,you had choosen BITCH & BETRAYER than friendship ! You're ...just an unknown person for me whenever I see again :(

I had the last opportunity to you but you never appreciated the opportunities that I provide.Therefore, there's nothing and no reason for me to be your BFF .
And I'll keep myself aware and beware from every step you will do to me :)

It's not worth to be like this :)
You're just similarity with Bitch !
Don't you feel yourself shameful ?

Monday, June 7, 2010

Nerdy Day ♥ ♥ ♥

Yes,I got my nerdy spec from my B and also him-own-self
I wish I have an extra time to update my blog but my schedule is fulled of tuition classes and everyday has a piles of homework to do. No kidding man ! Coll and Form6 are two different life especially in terms of clothing. I still wearing white and light blue school uniform HAHA!
♥ ♥ Work harder GooNana !

All students have two weeks off starting last Friday, including ME !
On Saturday hang out with Vivon Chou because I really do miss her a lot.
We decided have movie together but the end dinner with Bryan Yeoh family and we were talked a lot until our grandma stories !

On the next day, after a long long decision with B. Finally we decided the best place for us dating is Penang because we've been such an age didn't visit our P.I = Penang Island . As we knew that,Penang has a lot of good and scrumptious foods as well seaside !

"Penang is the best !"

Let picture do talking here ..
1. While on the way to Penang,B give a call to his Noel Mama.

2. See ! His sexy ♥ ♥ Eyes plus nerdy spec

3. Affair ? Watch out !

4. Bryan said, " Nola ! I'm good boy lehhh"

5. Trying to show off the huge red ribbon a.k.a Lady Gaga Hair Ribbon but failed .

6. Nahhh, want to know how to make it by using a scaft ? Coming up next post :)

Friday, June 4, 2010

100% good in condition

Hellow readers !
Uhmm, I know have been year never update my blog since May.
May was a fucking month that could makes me krazy !
I was faced the same problem and I had begged God not to let this happen on me again but God disagree with my application.

Oh ya ! almost forget about the main tittle today !
Last night, I had received my short-pants but it was too tight for me.
So, I decide to sell it with a very low price !
The pictures shown below :

And it only RM29 !
100% Good in condition&it brand new !

If you're interested please pm me throughhere
Or you can add in your msn list.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The day before my ♥ 18teen Burfday with Babes

@ Boston,Autocity on Monday

Loves them

If you've mention what I wrote on previous post *Few days ago*.This is what will be update for today! In a blink of eyes,my birthday had already passed like this :(
I'm not seventeen anymore, suppose to be eighteen years old before 21 hours
Actually I got another ambition is to be a pro-magician because..

1# Magic ♥ I hope I can pause the precious time/moment with moi babes.
2 Magic # Boyfriend can celebrate with me on my 18teen Birthday.
3# Magic ♥ One day off after my birthday
4Magic # Can stay longer with my buddies when we were talking about our secondary school life
The last one 5# Magic I WANT TO BE MILLIONAIRE

Can I ? *chuckle*
But,have already satisfactory about How I Passed My Birthday Celebration with my precious people(s) in moi life ! Last 15 minutes,Showdown 2010 will be published later ! GTG

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Burfday to Moi ♥

Elow my blog,
I got to say apologize to all my dear reader and also my blog.
It's become freeze and lots of dust so I think I should boil/clean it up today.

My brain is empty besides "Thank you" HAAAA
I really don't know what should I say beside these two words.
Thanks to my babes were giving me a very-huge-surprise last night at Autocity,Boston !
p/s "Next post tittle will be How I Passed My Bufday ! Stay tuned yeaaa"

Oh yea,
Form6 life is started from yesterday and it's quiet okay for me on the first day.
How about the rest of my day ? Idkk
Also my lovely Form Teacher a.k.a Hokkien banyak than Malay always make us laughed :)
Nothing can scared me except MUET (Malaysian University English Test) :(
Okay naa,it's time to off and have a nap so tonight I got a very strong energy to fight with my friends. haaa

Nana loves baby

Ting dong* A message for my boyfriend. Thanks for your video clip you had done.Although we got a big fighted before my burfday,I'll try to Forget&Forgiveness between us. Besides this, do you know I need you to celebrate with me? I know it's impossible happened because ..
You're Not Here




I forgot one thing ! I wanna said it out,no matter what.
Thanks to my handsome daddy for gave me angpao*Red Packet* !
He won't forgot his daughter birthday ever.Sayang you nooo Mwah

Always my good/best/responsible Daddy